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Female employee in the viral picture dilutes in mental stress

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Online Khabar / Kathmandu: A picture of a man and a woman traveling on a motorcycle with a government number plate is going viral on social media. Various comments have been made about the dress worn by the woman sitting on the back of the motorcycle.

Many are now curious about this picture. Is the photo not real but photoshopped? Is the person riding the motorcycle a close relative? Did they ride in a special situation? Similar discussions are taking place on social media.

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A search by online news in this regard revealed that the motorcycle (Pradesh-3-02-001B-1412) belonged to Galchi rural municipality in Dhading. The man and the woman riding the motorcycle are an engineer and a sub-engineer working in the same rural municipality. They started working only a few months ago and when they came to Kathmandu for administrative work, they rode together on a government number plate motorcycle.

It has been revealed that they came to Kathmandu last Thursday asking for leave from the chief administrative officer of the rural municipality for the work of seat roll (code number given to government employees).

Someone had taken a picture from behind on the way to the public library at Baber Mahal.

It is not clear who took the picture. However, it was former secretary Bhim Upadhyaya who made it viral. Upadhyay, who has more than one lakh followers, posted a picture saying ‘scene of a government motorcycle’ and it was spread all over Facebook.

In a conversation with online news, former secretary Upadhyaya said that he received the picture in the inbox from a friend.

“A friend I know sent me a photo. I was a little strange to see her riding on a government motorcycle wearing such clothes. It went viral in an instant,” he said.

After some time, Upadhyaya was called by the concerned person and asked to remove the picture, and he removed it.

“Initially, I thought that a government employee had taken his girlfriend on a ride. However, when I found out that both of them were government employees, I removed the picture shortly after. But, many have timed to do screenshots of my Facebook post,” Upadhyay giggled.

The female employee has been hurt after the picture went viral. She said she did not know who took the picture or where. “I was in Kathmandu on leave from the office. My colleague also came to Kathmandu. We went to the public library together to get seat roll,” she said.

She said that she did not pay attention to her dress as she was leaving the house to go touring around the town. She said that she was surprised and saddened to see the picture on social media. “There shouldn’t have been so much controversy over the picture. This has caused me a lot of mental stress. My family is also in trouble. Something unexpected happened,” she said.

She came to Kathmandu to return to work on Sunday and is still in Kathmandu due to this stress.

Chairman of Galchi Rural Municipality Krishna Hari Shrestha said that they both came to Kathmandu together from Baireni. “I understand that they have come to Kathmandu together from Baireni. They had completed all their work on the 30th by working day and night in Lockdown. After that, they asked for leave from the chief administrative officer stating that they would return on Sunday,” Chairman Shrestha said.

He said that he was not satisfied with the dress of the female employee. “My friends showed me the photo. The dress is a little unsightly. The back is visible to the waist,” Chairman Shrestha said, “Government employees should not wear such attire while traveling in government vehicles.”

Stating that he had inquired about the matter with the Chief Administrative Officer, Chairman Shrestha said, “I have also considered seeking a written explanation from both the engineers.”

We asked senior journalist Nirmala Sharma about the various reactions on social media regarding the attire worn by the female employee. “There is criticism on social media about the dress of a woman riding a government motorcycle, how do you take it?”

In response, Sharma said, “Employees or people in public responsibility should dress modestly. After becoming a public figure, I think we should focus on dress up.”

However, Sharma admits that increasing attacks on her on social media pointing one weakness of her can increase stress. Sharma suggested social media users be sensitive on such issues. She said, “She has been attacked a lot on social media right now, at least the anonymous person had to get her consent once before taking the photo. But, I think even the public employee should pay attention to the dress up.”

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