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Let’s hold a referendum on ‘Hindu Rashtra’: Shashank Koirala

'Congress brought communists, who have disappeared in the world, to power'

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Biratnagar: Nepali Congress General Secretary Dr. Shashank Koirala has reiterated his support for the Hindu nation. Stating that the issue of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will be raised in the upcoming Congress General Convention, Dr. Koirala said that a referendum should be held on it.

“I am in favor of Hindu Rashtra, but not against federalism,” Koirala told a news conference in Biratnagar on Monday,” said Dr. Koirala. “Political stability will come if Congress forms the government. And then a referendum will be held to decide whether to become a Hindu state or secular.”

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General Secretary Koirala said that the general convention of the Nepali Congress is not possible in the coming Falgun (February/March). However, stating that the issue of the Hindu state will be raised in the General Convention, he said, “I think the issue of Hindu state will be raised in our convention. Many people raise various issues. In that, I think the Nepali Congress should reconsider.”

Saying that BP Koirala had taken the line of never cooperating with the communists, BP’s son Shashank said that the Congress had made a mistake by cooperating with the communists after 1989 AD (2046 BS).

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