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Monday, September 20, 2021

Pappu failing everywhere: Tinkune bridge construction also withheld!

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Kathmandu: Pappu Construction, which has been abandoning contracts for development works across the country, has not been able to start the construction of the Tinkune bridge yet. Although the Bagmati Bridge at Tinkune will be constructed through a new contract, the process has not progressed yet.

The Department of Roads had decided to terminate the contract last year after the construction company Pappu Construction Pvt. Ltd did not progress in a long period of construction.

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The Kathmandu Valley Road Expansion Project has stated that the new contract is yet to be signed even if the old contract is terminated. The Chief MasterGuru Adhikari of the project said that the Department of Roads is yet to estimate the cost of construction of the bridge.

He said, “Once it comes from the department, there will be a process for a new contract.” The work of the bridge was blocked for many years due to the negligence of the construction companies.

The project has stated that the construction will be started through a new process after terminating the contract agreement with Pappu Construction Pvt. Ltd, the company involved in the construction.

The construction of the bridge was earlier started on the basis of a design and build agreement by the construction company itself. He informed that the construction will be done in the same format prepared by the company earlier.

Of the companies that have done construction work before, only the structure that has no technical problem has been accepted. The project chief said that the way has been opened for the new process as the contract with the construction company has been terminated.

The government has already withdrawn the security of two types of banks taken by the company for construction. He said that five percent of the amount to be kept through a performance guarantee has been returned to the government’s account.

He said that the amount required for the work has been provided to the company before the advance (mobilization).

The project has stated that it will take two and a half to three years for the construction even after the new contract is signed. Earlier, the government had canceled the contract in the last fiscal year due to delay in the construction of the bridge and lack of quality work.

In Poush 2071 BS, the Department of Roads had signed a contract with the company to complete the construction in three and a half years.

The project had signed a contract in 2071 BS for the construction of the Dhobikhola Bridge at Bijulibazar. An agreement was reached with the same construction company to build two bridges on the left and right sides of the main road.

The construction of the bridge at Bijulibazar has been completed and been in use for one year now but it too had taken a long time for completion. Earlier, the contract was signed to complete the construction with a budget of Rs 210,033,000.

For the first time in Nepal, an agreement was reached to build the bridge using new technology (Ars & Bridge). Other common bridges have loads on the lower part but the load falls on the upper part in the new technology, the department said. Due to the narrowness of the bridge, drivers and passengers are perplexed due to heavy traffic in the area.

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